Get your mortgage (or any other debt) paid off quickly as possible and save you years of interest payments – without changing your lifestyle or refinancing your mortgage
Mission Statement
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The Big payoff Book - Fast Track My Mortgage™ teaches you:

  • Which bank programs can work for you to pay off your mortgage.
  • How to pay your bills on time and still make extra payments on your mortgage.
  • Common financial misconceptions that hold you back from paying off your mortgage early.
  • The difference between the banks options to help you accelerate your mortgage and the Fast Track My Mortgage system.
  • The REAL cost of your mortgage in terms of time and money.
  • The pitfalls of a savings account.
  • How to know which interest is the most expensive.
  • Step by step how to set up your accounts to fast track your mortgage right away including dates and real life money scenarios.
  • and much, much more!

Even homeowners that are living paycheck to paycheck build equity fast and retire debt free by following the Fast Track My Mortgagesystem!

Fast Track My Mortgage gives you all the information you need to set up the easiest and most effective system in the market to pay off your mortgage quickly.

Using real life examples and easy to follow, step by step instructions Fast Track My Mortgage can help you set up a workable, real life plan that can save you not only thousands of dollars in mortgage interest but years of mortgage payments.

Fast Track My Mortgage requires absolutely NO expensive software and is available as a downloadable e-book or as a hard copy by mail. Fill in a contact form to get your free copy.

Why to pay off my mortgage faster?

When you take a mortgage of $100,000 for 30 years at 5% interest you will pay a total of $93,255 just for interest.
The interest paid is your earnings after taxes!
$20,000 in interest savings, is equal to 48 months of interest payments or 36 months of mortgage payments.

Doesn’t it makes perfect sense to turn these years from “handing it over to the bank” into your retirement plan?

Does Fast Track My Mortgage™ work with any kind of mortgage?

Fast Track My Mortgage works best with open mortgages but they can also work with closed mortgages.
It makes no difference if you have a variable mortgage or a fixed mortgage.

Why to pay off my house in 7-9 years, if I want to sell in 5 years? Is it still worthwhile?

Absolutely! Imagine that your loan balance was reduced by 50% in 5 years! You will have MUCH more equity than if you did things as "usual". You can use that equity towards your new home or anything else you wish for...

How do I know that Fast Track My Mortgage™ system will work for me?

If you have POSITIVE CASH FLOW, it's a mathematical certainty that Fast Track My Mortgage system will work for you.
If you don’t have a positive cash flow, the system will work to reduce your interest at a slightly slower pace.

Does Fast Track My Mortgage™ work if I have bad credit?

YES, but it may be a bit more difficult if the bank is not willing to give or will limit the amount of HELOC or LOC you can get.
Most likely you can fix your bad credit using the bank’s help. You just have to know how to do it…
We can show you how...

If I have a pre-payment penalty is that a problem?

Mortgage penalties usually are not an issue. Most mortgages will allow you to pay yearly lump sum payment of 10% to 20% of the mortgage amount and to double up every monthly payment.
These options will enable Fast Track My Mortgage to help you reduce the remaining mortgage avoiding those fees and penalties.

Does Fast Track My Mortgage™ system work if I have little or no equity?

YES, your mortgage reduction period heavily depends upon your positive cash flow. The Fast Track My Mortgage system can also work if you have insufficient equity (or credit) to get a HELOC, and that HELOC can be replaced with cash you have available.
Don’t forget that the core of Fast Track My Mortgage system is knowledge.
When you have the knowledge you have the power to act!

Why haven't I heard of this before?

Mortgage acceleration systems have been in use in Australia for several decades. It has since spread to New Zealand, the UK, USA, and now to Canada.
Traditional financial institutions aren't excited about this because it means they will make less money on your loans. They will only adapt to this type of offering when faced with significant competition. That competition has arrived.

Do I have to take out a new mortgage or refinance my home to make this work?

NO. We have devised a way to help you pay off your mortgage regardless of your situation without having to refinance your mortgage.

Using this method, how fast can I really pay off my mortgage?

The speed at which you can pay off your mortgage depends on your specific circumstances and spending habits.
Many people are able to pay off their home in half the time or even a third of the time-all without having to make more money than they making right now.
If you would like to get personal evaluation, click here.

Is Fast Track My Mortgage Method ™ a bi-weekly program?

Fast Track My Mortgage system offers many more options and works MORE THAN twice as fast then a bi-weekly deposit. A bi-weekly schedule generally accelerates a 30 year loan by 6-7 years. Fast Track My Mortgage system will shorten the same mortgage to 10-15 years.


  • No Credit Check, nor Social Insurance Number, nor Income Verification Required.
  • The information contained herein does not constitute an offer or a solicitation to extend credit.
  • There is no intervention with your financial affairs.
  • This is a money management solution only.
  • No need to refinance.